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The Sentegra Difference

While there are many companies offering electronic and mobile transaction system components Sentegra differentiates itself in many ways;

*       Real Interactivity at the POS, (Point of Sale); two way communication with existing NFC- RFID (Near Field Communication Radio Frequency Identification) readers, more than a vision, hype, creative video or nice graphic

*       Biometric Security; fingerprint sensors on every meWallet™ device & fingerprint data stored only on the device

*       Complete Ecosystem; secure cloud based software, handheld devices with embedded apps, api’s and services

*       Patented technology; broad based patent applications filed in early 2000 on all Sentegra technologies

*       Cost Effective; the meWallet™ System is designed to generate more in revenues than in costs to implement and maintain

*       Ten years of in depth market research and partner/customer relationship development; throughout North America and Europe

*       Merchant Buy-in; the compelling reason for merchants to upgrade their POS terminals to contactless payment

*       Mobile Handsets; idGadget™devices, meWallet™ enabled mobile phones

*       Works with or without mobile phones; avoids the problematic issues around mobile phone operators vs banks and lack of existing NFC enabled phones

*       Simplicity; Nothing leaves our labs unless it is simple enough for Grandma to use


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Sentegra technologies are patented. For licensing Sentegra's patented mobile transaction technologies contact us or Markman Advisors.
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