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Sentegra’s meWallet
® System is designed to be a complete smart, simple, and Ultra-Secure mobile transaction system for; credit, debit, electronic cash transactions, ticket and customer loyalty and coupon delivery/redemption, medical data storage & transfer and ID system.

The meWallet® System includes central server software for cloud based services, local server software, API's for Point of Sale terminals, mobile phone apps, websites and interfaces to service providers.

Sentegra’s patent pending, idGadget™ smart handheld devices provide NFC transaction devices for custom applications.  They also offer Ultra-Secure and interactive transaction and authentication capabilities for web and physical banks and merchants.

To be sure that you have the best and most complete transaction, ticketing and authentication system Sentegra also partners with the world's top suppliers of electronic transaction technologies.

We partner with:
Payment processors and gateways
Ticketing companies
POS terminal manufacturers
NFC terminal manufacturers
Mobile phone manufacturers
Mobile operators

If you are interested in partnering with Sentegra to provide to your customers and ours the absolute best transaction systems available, contact us.

  Sentegra idGadget Devices
meWallet secure cloud server system


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